Our story

We're not only two associates but also passionate collectors and friends in real life. We're always looking for innovation and best quality for products we are proposing. We like experimenting new concepts and ideas to create something beautiful.

Our values

We seek to develop with all our customers and partners, lasting and trusting relationships that allow us to work towards a common objective of responsibility and sharing of experiences.

Our motivation

The satisfaction of our collectors is our goal, our driving force ; it's the reason why we get up every morning. It keeps pushing us to achieve bigger and better things for each new challenge we are facing.

Our business

Our business is more than just a job or a hobby. Each time we take a new project, we make sure it aligns with our core set of values to deliver great results. We respect all differences and try to always present best products available on the market.

Our customers

Our customers are often our friends and collections are our treasure and passion. They are the most important part of our project.

MES - Mercado €uro Souvenir | Rua de Santa Marinha, 2921 | Anais 4990-501| PORTUGAL